Event Planning

Event Planning

At Taylor & Co, we believe in building each event around our clients and their individual needs. We invest a lot time getting to know our each one of their passions, style, and unique sense of taste.


As an accomplished and experienced Chicago event planner, Derrick Taylor works tirelessly from concept to execution paying close attention to the vision of each client and the special logistics of each event.


While we prefer to manage every aspect of the process, we know that each event is unique, thus we maintain a flexible approach to meet your specific needs. Reach out to us and we will determine the best way to work together.


Our prices can be packaged with floral, lighting and decor to save headache and leave some money for your honeymoon!

#1 Silver

  • One site visit
  • 1 in office meeting with Jr. designer and Derrick
  • Timeline
  • Standard wedding website
  • 2 hours of on site support prior and after the event with a Jr. planner.
  • 1 hr design meeting with Jr. designer and Derrick

#2 Gold

  • Up to three site visits
  • Up to 5 in office meetings with Jr. designer and Derrick
  • Timeline
  • Standard wedding website
  • Securing of all personal items left at event and stored at our warehouse for pick up the following day or Monday.
  • 8 hrs of on site support the day of your event with a Jr. planner and assistant until dancing begins
  • 2 hr design meeting with Jr. designer and Derrick
  • Vendor discounts extended for preferred vendors

#3 Platinum

  • Up to 10 site visits
  • Unlimited office meetings with and Derrick
  • Timeline
  • Luxury wedding website
  • 24 hrs of on site support the day of your event with Derrick and an assistant until last guest leaves the event.
  • Securing of all personal items left at event and stored at our warehouse for up to 30 days
  • Unlimited design meeting with Jr. designer and Derrick
  • Vendor discounts extended for preferred vendors
  • Contract negotiation for new vendors
  • Back up sewing and hair and makeup kit
  • One hair and makeup change for bride mid event
  • Back up playlists for all music and sound system
  • Vendor code of conduct contracts for all vendors
  • Vendor meeting prior to event

Common asked questions


Why do I need an event planner?

On they day of your SPECIAL EVENT, the last thing you or any member of your family or organization want to be doing is making sure all the details are coming to fruition. An EVENT PLANNER has one job and that is to make sure that every plan is orchestrated. When you are in the middle of celebrating, Our event planners are already creating the next experience for your event and packing up belongings saving hours at end of the evening.


Is there a difference between “day of” and just event planning?

There are planners out there that are new to the industry and may be able to deliver excellent service for a “day of” price.  We offer three different planning packages based on the amount of work you have completed combined with the amount of services your event will call out


What skills make an event planner good?

Clearly the basics are personality, price and punctuality. I’m a firm believer in the saying: “YOU CANT ASK SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING YOU CAN’T DO YOURSELF” which is the only reason I would ever market myself as someone qualified enough to plan and service a wedding. Remember that you get what you pay for out there and As our friends at Davis Imperial cleaners say:  “PERFECTION IS NOT AN ACCIDENT” It takes several people to pull off a large event with multiple details. We get one shot to make things perfect for your event and having someone who can personally fix anything makes your event run as smooth as glass. Below is the list of skills Derrick personally has learned in the 30 years of experience he has that will assist you on event day:

  • Floral – We do floral so we know how to fix problems if we didn’t fabricate it and your florist has left.
  • Hair – With over 20 years of doing hair for weddings you are in good hands until you are ready to cut loose on the dance floor
  • Makeup – We travel with our own kit of magic to take the shine away and make your skin look flawless.
  • Lighting – We do lighting so we understand how to work it.
  • Music Derrick is a classically trained pianist and can play pipe organ too but travels with his own sound system with your music on iPod ready in case a musician get’s lots. He’s always ready!
  • Licensed Officiant- Derrick is licensed in Wisconsin and Illinois as a wedding officiant.  Just in case has happened a few times… But that’s why he’s ready…..
  • Sewing – Derrick has made and altered wedding gowns so fixing a hem, broken strap or changing a bustle only takes a few minutes for him and you are back on the dance floor twirling away!
  • Culinary – Derrick has baked several wedding cakes so in the event that your cake shows up a mess… The last cake a client’s friend baked then dropped on the way to the wedding was thought to be a total loss… Rumor has it that in situations like this Derrick has been known to run to the kitchen and whip up a batch of his Great Grandma’s icing  smooth over a layer of new icing and piping then pop some fresh flowers or whatever embellishments he has up his sleeves on the cake before anyone knows…
  • Etiquette – Most importantly to not let you or anyone else feel uncomfortable by doing the wrong thing, forgetting to tip etc. On your event day Derrick is an extension of you and represents your family.